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What Signs Tell A Person Is Addicted To Drugs?

About 10% of adults in America are struggling with drug yet 75% of these addicts do not get the right kind of treatment. A drug addict is helped to stay sober through specialist drug and alcohol treatment. How can you know if you have a drug addict amongst your family members? Read on to know the signs to watch for in a drug addict since drugs and behavior changes are in tandem so you can discover the drug addiction tell-tale signs.
People who struggle with drug addiction will tend to conceal it from their family and friends. Once confronted these people tend to lie about it and hide themselves to do drugs. Drug addicts do not like conflicts and negativity so they will lie about their habit which they use as a coping mechanism.
The desire of a drug addict is to stay high this when using the drug turns in full-scale addiction. They will suddenly want to pursue using the drugs and ignore their interests and hobbies. They may detach themselves from their friends and even avoid them. However there are others who tend to make new drug dealer friends and fellow addicts to connect with when doing the drugs.
A person struggling with drug addiction often ignores their responsibilities. The performance of a drug addict will get poor with time since they will mostly avoid going to school or work. People struggling with drugs will not clean their bodies, they will not buy groceries, or even pay bills. The result of ignoring responsibilities by drug addicts leads to financial stress. This is because they could lose their job and not be able to pay their bills and eventually run into debt. Sometimes they use up the money they have left to pay for say rent to buy drugs.
The sleeping pattern of a drug addict is interrupted, with some experiencing insomnia or oversleeping. People addicted to drugs struggle with a mixture of emotions because sometimes they are very angry and irritable and other times they are happy, energetic and excited. When the effect of drugs starts to reduce this is when these drug addicts experience these mixture of emotions. Drug addicts become very uncomfortable when the drug effect is occurring.
Withdrawal signs are not all visible, but in case your loved is regularly sick, they could be in-between drug withdrawal. Vomiting, trembling and sweating are some common symptoms for different drug types. Alcohol and marijuana addicts will add weight from the calories found in alcohol and the appetite boost from marijuana. They will indulge in a lot of junk food which leads to more weight gain. If your loved one has this signs it is advisable that you seek help with immediate effect.

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