An Overview Of Trend In The 1950’s And 1960’s

The circle skirt grew to become in style within the 1950’s, when the world conflict 2 restrictions were lastly lifted and hemlines dropped and skirts grew to become fuller, seeing a change from the pencil skirt form of the forty’s. Beaded purses and stripped sandals, pyramid and fur coats, Chandelier crystal clip earrings, had been different extremely popular style accessories from Nineteen Fifties. The 1950s was a prolific era for the working woman and lots of of them took on secretarial jobs, especially when their husbands were away at struggle.1950s fashion
In the early part of the fifties, the ponytail was the most popular hairstyle. At the moment, women largely worked in farms or factories and hair merchandise as shampoo had been robust to acquire. The Capri pants allowed ladies to ditch the skirts, however to take care of their female qualities.

Several wonderful hat types existed in the 1950’s. The petticoats, accessible in number of colours and kinds had been a must under the felt poodle skirts so as to add femininity. Consider the attire Lucy Ricardo wore. Elaborate hairstyles and hair rituals had been the order of the day.1950s fashion
Skirts and attire which have been designed for casual put on were usually fitted with pockets as a practical afterthought. Along with poodle skirts and ponytails of the 50’s have been crinoline petticoats, chiffon scarves and cats eye glasses. Though, their clothes didn’t differ too much from the general trend in fashion, ladies may very well be seen sporting dresses fluffed out with petticoats and crinolines beneath the skirt.
As hair setting achieved magnum proportion with hair being teased, sculpted, sprayed, permanently waved and forced into completely shaped curls, an increasing number of women began to spend some huge cash on hair care merchandise that had been essential to take care of the “well groomed hair look”.1950s fashion

1950s fashion