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Are You Interested In an Online Music Business Degree?

Individuals aspiring to have a career is music business should start by giving themselves good music business education. Today, you can find several schools offering their music business courses online. If you want to have the best training, then you should definitely go for the best online music programs which come from an accredited school. Below are some of the programs offered by the best music business schools. Consider the coursework and requirements before you decide on what you want to take up.

The Berklee College of Music’s online school, the Berklee Online offers a Bachelor of Professional Studies, Music Business degree. You can earn your Bachelor’s degree in 12 weeks by completely 120 credits. Music business bookkeeping, music marketing, music licensing, artist management, and copyright law are included in this program. This school is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

The Mesa Community College offers a Music Business Associate of Applied Science Degree. 14 credit hours of foundation courses, 12 credit hours of electives, 12 credit hours of specialization electives, and 22-24 credit hours of general education are required for this course. You will earn an Associate’s degree if you complete all of these requirements. The course can be completed in two years’ time with an option to attend on-campus classes. This program includes topics such as recording and mass media business, music industry entrepreneurship, concert promotion, business communications, and international business. Enrollment in this course would require a high school diploma or a Ged.

The music degree offered by the Los Angeles Film School is the Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business Degree with Concentration in Music in another music business degree you can consider. This course uses an online learning management system that you can use any time. What you need to complete to earn a Bachelor’s degree is 120 credits. In 3 years’ time you would have finished this course. Students who enroll in this course are given a MacBook laptop with retina display with several applications including Microsoft office 365 and Adobe creative suite. if you enroll in this course, you will also have access to Lynda.com and Citrix. Topics included in this course are marketing for the music industry, music business management, music copyright, concert management, and global business. If you have a high school diploma or GED, then you can enroll in this course.

These are the best schools that you can enroll in if you want to have a professional career in the music industry. Now is the time for graduating high school students who are interested in the music business to enroll in any of these top schools. Check out more about working in entertainment in their internation teachers plus if you are a teacher looking to work aboad.