The American Trend Industry During The 1950’s

Glitz and glamour, two phrases that may be related to 50’s dresses. This was the time when women were just returning to their houses after the demands of wartime. The wartime scarcity of leather and metal compelled shoe designers to get more creative and, in consequence, shoes were cobbled from materials ranging from crocodile hide […]
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The American Vogue Industry Throughout The 1950’s

The 1950’s spawned a wide variety of authentic and distinctive kinds, presented with a traditional new age twist. All though there were completely different types of the circle skirt such because the conversation skirt, and the poodle skirt, the Mexican circle skirt particularly became popular because of the massive amounts of Californians, especially Hollywood actors resembling Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Katherine Hepburn who traveled to Mexico seeking the “quickie” divorce and came back with a number of Mexican “vacationer” skirts in tow.1950s fashion
Though Quant had been designing garments for younger people for the reason that 50’s, it was from this level in the sixties, where inexpensively made clothing suited to a busy city life-style, designed in separates to be combined grew to become ...

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