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Tips to Follow When You Are Waiting for EMP Attack

When you are preparing for an EMP attack, you must be aware of important things that will make the process successful. Make sure that you get all the stuff that will be needed by your people before so that there will be nothing going wrong. Ensure that you get to know about all the necessities that you will need when the EPM attack occurs. You will only achieve what you want during this attack if you have all the things that will be needed and make sure that you lack nothing. Here are some factors that you should put in mind when you are getting ready for the EMP attack.

Ensure that you have enough water that you will be using during the EMP attack. It is clear that people cannot survive for more than three days without water. During the EMP there will be fighting, stealing and worse things that will be happening and it is not possible for people to move around looking for water. Ensure that there are enough water and the people that you are protecting will not lack water at any time during the EMP attack. Therefore water is the most important thing that you must consider when you are preparing for the EMP because without water you will not be able to save anyone.

Some important things to consider is food. It is essential for people to feed at least once or twice a day for them to stay strong until the EMP is over. Most people will want to be full all the times so that they will not feel worried due to fear from the attack. Ensuring you have enough food that will be able to keep the people alive and power until the end of EMP. Make sure that the food that you are buying is in large volume and your people will not starve in any way possible.

You need to make sure that you have doctors who will take care of the sick people in your camp. First aid kits are some of the health facilities that you should have such that you can offer people who are injured first aid as they wait for further treatment. You must also find someone who has medical skills because treating people is not something that for a joke.

For that matter make sure that you don’t forget to take care of the medical needs of your people during the EMP attack because you will have some people who are getting infected. You should not have any worries about the EMP attack when you have all these things because they are the necessities during this time.

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